A dedicated set of track tyres can be one of the most impressive and overlooked modifications for a track car. Whilst most circuits ban slick tyres unless you are running a full roll cage (the increased grip means accidents are more sudden and at a higher speed) some high spec track tyres can be one of the best value for money modifications you can make. An example of this was demonstrated in CCC Magazine a few years ago, where the reporters were each given a few hundred pounds to make a track day car. Tuning Guru Dave Walker took a standard Citroen BX and fitted it with Yokohama semi slick, but road legal tyres. The transformation was astonishing, with much higher cornering speeds and later braking possible. The wafty BX surprised many people on the track, including some astonished Impreza owners who were running less impressive rubber. If you can not commit to an extra set of tyres specifically for the track then a good multipurpose tyre suitable for track use is a possibility. However a tyre designed for both road and track will be a compromise, and not especially good at either. For the price of a set of spare wheels from eBay, and lets face it, they don’t have to be too tidy, you could have cheap to replace daily driver tyres on one set of rims and extra sticky track monsters on another. The only niggle is finding somewhere to store them.