One of the most challenging and historically interesting circuits in the world, the Nürburgring has tested some of racings finest racing drivers. These days access to the 13 mile North loop of the circuit can be had by spending a few euros on a lap pass. Touristenfahrten is the term used for open days, during which you can turn up in your road car, buy a few laps and drive the same circuit that Fangio and Moss raced upon. It is classed in Germany as a Toll road, and has no speed limit. Be aware that if you crash the owners of the circuit charge extortionate rates for having an accident. However if you treat it with respect and keep on the black stuff it can be a very exciting and atmospheric circuit. Don’t go thinking that because you can take a corner flat out on Forza or Gran Turismo that you can do it in real life! The overhanging trees create microclimates of damp and frost which can definitely catch you out. Good hotels can be found in Nürburg and Adenau, all within walking distance of some great bars and Restaurants. There are various places around the circuit where you can watch the numerous race events, however if you intend to go around yourself try to pick a midweek day; weekends tend to be swamped with enthusiastic drivers and the track becomes rather overcrowded. The cheapest way of crossing is probably Norfolkline, which does mean you get to break up your journey with a rest on the ferry; however using the Channel Tunnel does cut journey time considerably.